Amelia, Young Amelia


You could dance like the seasons

and sing like the angels

A head full of imagination with princesses and princes

wizards and witches, giants and goblins

I was late to your recital that night

but it didn’t matter, you wouldn’t be there

My Amelia

Didn’t you learn never to talk to strangers?

What did the devil say before he took you?

Did he promise a wish?

You could’ve never known

I made a thousand wishes you had

Because maybe then you’d still be here today

and I wouldn’t have found you buried beneath the snow

I remember cradling you in my arms for the first time

I’ll never forget the last

Your face a sheet of white with a tint of blue

The tears stuck to your face

I still held you close and played with your hair

Winter had betrayed you

But I can still hear you in my dreams

the voice of an angel

I still hear you baby girl, I still do

12 thoughts on “Amelia, Young Amelia

  1. Wow. This was so heart-felt and sad. I love the raw emotion you can feel here. It feels so real and just so…depressing. Little girls with dreams cut short. The saddest part is that this can so easily happen. Thanks for the post 🙂 You have a talent for writing.

  2. I’m really glad you decided to participate. It nearly brought me to tears. I connect with dancers even though I can never move my body like that. I can never imagine the loss of a child or the guilt and wonder of “if I had been there, would this have happened?”

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