A Newborn Swallows

This text was found tucked inside a crevice on the surface of Mars by cosmonaut Sergei Leonov. Inscribed on a shard of ebony glass, it reads as follows: 

Once I entered Eden and gazed upon the vast landscape of my newly discovered reality, my eyes were plucked from their sockets and cast into the Endless Shadow.

Wandering in blackness, I felt the stone walls of the High Tower belonging to a primeval warlock . I climbed those steps for eons until reaching His quarters, and He knew why I had come.

My vision, which I had gone so long without, would be restored. “However” He bellowed, “Though you may have eyes your blindness shall linger, a blindness so dark it casts shadows at midnight.”

I grabbed a fistful of his robes and begged. I would have my vision back no matter the cost.

And as if it were a dream, I awoke under a black sky dotted with stars as bright as spotlights illuminating a barren desert filled with a sea of sand as white as bleached bone, as fine as skeleton dust. And I fixed my eyes on the blood-orange sun sinking into the horizon and produced from my satchel a horn.

Upon blowing that ivory horn, I felt a sinking regret. A regret deeply rooted like a poison seeping into the cracks of my flesh and rotting my soul, carving it out until there’s nothing more than a fragile shell, remnants swept away by the breath of Elders speaking this tale.

I cast the horn into the sand, and like a sea of starved piranhas the undead sands devoured it. And I ran, my joints screaming against the forward motion that pulled me into the desert floor. Just as I took my last breath before being overtaken by the sand, a clawed hand pulled me up. I faced this creature who promised a strong, loyal fleet at my back if I led them to Eden where they could lay waste and claim their spoils. I remembered this place, and promised It everything.

We found Eden. As I perceived the brilliant sun, it flickered and burst throwing arms of flame across the sky, A Purple Moon now emerged from the embers casting a sheet of deep lavender upon the land. My fleet went forth and took Eden. The lush landscape withered and turned gangrenous. The animals that once freely roamed and ate at the thick fields of grass and bushes of plump berries now bore large teeth like swords and wore twisted horns that seemed to reach as high as some of the tallest trees. The aboriginals took up their wooden spears in vain as yellow, demon teeth sank into the stomachs of their pregnant wives, causing their bellies to burst sending bat-winged abominations to fly towards the onyx temple on that Purple Moon. I wept hot tar and the pain twisted my mouth into a smile. My hunger awoke in me like bear approaching spring and I joined these monsters in the cleansing of Eden.

Countless ages came and went. The End came only when that Purple Moon fell from the sky and all was cast into The After.

I walk on the spectral path between Eternity and the Towers of Time spectating my fleet of demons as they ravage the boundaries between the two hoping to breach them and seep back into the stream of existence. I can see past Eternity with eyes that burn with ancient flame and they meet the gaze of that Hooded Prophet who sits at the throne of every desolate place in every world and those beyond our perception, clenched in the fists of killers and threaded in thoughts of hate. His voice echoes endlessly through Eternity and resonates within the Towers of Time. Whatever has been, or will be, is subject to His screams.


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